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Welcome into another world
This was a live performance in the studio

Robert Prein, Actor Amsterdam

I would like to let the work speak for itself, but here is some background information about my acting. I knew very early on in life that I wanted to become a storytelling performer and the thought of becoming an actor peaked in my mind during my primary school extracurricular activity. At the time a close friend of mine dragged me into acting improv class and they went so well that most of the improvisations we did became funny and I loved how there was an instant respons of the audience to them. This was a very grateful feeling. However, the path to become an actor was unknown to me and later in life I followed the more common path to get good grades in high school and go to a good University. Which is waht I did, but after I graduated I was in need for more finances and somehow landed in the world of commercials. In addition, I was practising gymnastics and I knew some gymnasts take dancing classes to get better form and through this way I eventually ended up in a pre-Theatre school education, which eventually lead me into Theatre School to study Musical theatre. This really unusual turn of events has changed my life ever since and I am forever grateful for it.

Nowadays I am working all over the world in film- and dance companies, such as Japan, Indonesia, Slovenia and also Belgium. Besides practising daily as a dancer, as an actor I have always kept developing with extra acting courses for both stage and film. During my youth I practised 11 years of Martial arts and have meanwhile transformed this into an extra asset; stagefighting. This combines very well with my dance background as stage fights are essentially choreography. The biggest joy of being a storyteller, is when you find the audience engaged and using their imagination to complete your story.

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