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Little background story
Shortfilm COLORS is a project that I have personally written and produced. It comes from the heart and it took me half a decade to finish. This project came to life by the will to gain more control over the roles I would be able to play and the projects I would be booked for. In addition, I wanted all my fellow friends, who I saw busting their skin off by auditioning and working in class to join me on this adventure to give a boost to everyones career or in the least, to do something with our talent other than nurishing it in class day in day out and gain real world experience. So I set on this 5-year journey, full of blood, sweat and tears to produce COLORS, created together with the help of 200+ people that dimed in during all stages of the process, being it cast, crew or (financial) supporters. Uhm, yes, you read that correctly, we brought together a bunch of enthousiastic professionals in their craft as surely I couldn’t have done this project all alone, there were so many people involved in this project and so many people I owe a huge thanks too that I like to speak on behalf of the whole team here. In my mind, COLORS has always been about creating an engaging, fast-paced, breath-taking action movie without the presence of violence. Not to say it was a protest against violence in movies, but to bring balance in an already turbulent world. Since dance and acting both form the basis of my background and I like to spend my days doing just that, I knew that dance had to become a part of this movie as well. After a year of script development, we started filming. Being a newby to producing, I thought filming a 24-minute movie would be done in 3 days. None was less true, it took us 12 additional shootings days in the following years to wrap up shooting alone. We had fun and were determined. Great connections and great friendships were made between all of us. Had we decided to create a movie in a room, then probably the editing process would have been quick and clean. However, I wanted to create a movie that would bring a more United world, and therefore (I thought) we need to write a story that shows a united world. And so we did, we involved every continent and the project became big. I mean… HUGE! Doing the editing, and especially the visual effects (vfx) for such a big project takes time and as I miscalculated how expensive visual effects artists are, I had budget to get a few visual effects shots done by professional vfx artist with years of experience and the rest was on me. With the advice of some professionals in the field, who also showed me some of the tricks of how to get good looking results, and the help of endless (end ENDLESS) of youtube tutorial videos and free courses, after two years I felt ready to create decent looking results and having done these shots in a test phase for about 3 times now, I finally wrapped up the actualy, finished shots in the last three months. After that, only the audio was left to do. We required to have a crowd of people shouting and screaming, but meanwhile Covid had set in and getting together a crowd was not allowed anymore. In addition, I had moved abroad for a little while as I am also still a working dancer and actor so I find ourselves dragging a microphone in the mountains of Barcelona and asking every passant to shout and scream for us. In addition, some of our friends did the same thing in their gardens (as inside there would be too much echo) and when we gathered about 25 voices, our audio engineer mixed this all together. We made a package deal with a UK-based music company whom we could music from for the movie. After recording the sound of moving clothing and redoing some lines in the studio the movie was finally exported and distributed to all the festivals we could think off. We got selected and rewarded by several festivals and our pride couldn’t be great. At five years old, our baby finally flew the nest.

As Brian wakes up in a field, he is surrounded by hundreds of people, not knowing where they are or what they’re doing there. Determined to find out what happened to him he stumbles upon a much bigger secret. A giant energetic shockwave travels through space and has Earth on it’s path. As energy can only be opposed with energy, the Chi of people that is freed when they dance is used to form an energetic shield around the globe. Can we unite as a world for the existence of our Planet?

As of Januari 14th 2022, COLORS is screened on the famous CGBros Channel. Having more than 4 million subscribers, they use strict selection criteria to whom they let on their platform. Now, without further redo, and with a link to this channel, we present to you shortfilm COLORS:

Watch the Trailer of COLORS
Watch the first teaser and behind the scenes interview of COLORS