Robert Prein
Robert Prein is a professional dancer, actor and presenter from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a dancer he worked internationally in Japan, Slovenia and Belgium and as an actor he worked in a huge Indonesian production which was recorded in Indonesia. After spending a year abroad he is currently based in Amsterdam. Due to his physicality as a dancer, his acting and presenting is also energetic, physical and present.

After being graduated as a Bachelor and Master in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Leiden, Robert went on to pursue a theatre education at the School of the Arts in Amsterdam. Since, he has worked in numerous projects as a dancer and actor. Bigger productions include ANNE, a play based on the diary of Anne Frank by ImagineNation and The Bodyguard, a musical based on the like named movie by Stage Entertainment. Besides, he worked in various commercials, numerous shortfilms and dance companies. In 2019 he had a Netflix debut with a humble part in Bumi Manusia, an Indonesian movie that literally translates as ‘This Earth of Mankind’ and screened in all major cinemas and theatres in Asia and can be seen on Netflix. Recently he worked for the Dutch Opera as a dancer and actor in ‘Springtime in Amsterdam’. Currently he is working with MN Dance Company as a dancer in ICARUS. The company is based in Slovenia.

Apart from working as a performer, Robert is also a creator. His choreographies are booked internationally and during Corona he created two home-made concept videos, one of which won a price of 1000 euros. His first self-produced short film project, COLORS, in which science fiction meets dance, got selected for several film festivals, including in Hollywood, and won an award. It’s topics are equality and freedom of choice. During the summer and fall of 2023 Robert will be working on a full solo show, more info will follow soon.