Robert Prein, Actor Amsterdam

I would like to let the work speak for itself, but here is some background information about my acting. I knew very early on in life that I wanted to become a storytelling performer and the thought of becoming an actor peaked in my mind during some primary school extracurricular activity that I was dragged into by a close friend of mine. These were theatre improvisation classes which went so well that most of the improvisations I did with my friend became funny and people responded to them, which was a very grateful feeling. However, the path to become an actor was unknown to me and also I was pushed more towards being a good boy, study hard, get good grades and go to University. Which I did, but after I graduated I needed to make money and somehow landed in the world of commercials and due to my transition from Sports to dance I ended up in Theatre School studying Musical theatre. This really unusual turn of events has changed my life ever since and I am forever grateful for it.

Nowadays I am working all over the world in films and dance companies. I even worked in Indonesia! It was very hot and my moustache kept falling off due to the sweating as we were wearing 3 layered woolen suits in over 30 degrees Celsius, but it was such an exciting experience!

As an actor I have always kept developing with extra acting courses for both stage and film. I also have experience in stage fighting as well and since my dance (and martial arts) background I pick up on stage fight choreography quite fast. What makes me grateful is when an audience say that they were sucked into a story, that the acting made them become in that moment that we as the creators created for them to experience. This has to do with timing, dynamics, delivery and character, this is what defines how the story is perceived and it fascinates me.

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